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Commentary October 2021 – Beyond Delta

reblogged from Brintab This summer’s markets were initially driven primarily by concern regarding the potential impact of the Covid Delta variant worldwide. As summer turned to fall the Delta variant’s fade gradually became clear and the dominant factor shifted to

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Commentary April 2021 – A World Refocusing

Reblogged from As the winter progressed, markets were driven more than anything by increasing signs of successful vaccine rollout and hence risk reduction in the global economy.  Early in the quarter markets bounced around a bit but the month

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Rainmaker or Storm-maker? Is this roller coaster coming from Trump?

Reblogged from First Sovereign Investment Management Recently we in the investment world have been coping with the uncertainty related to the combative trade negotiations between the USA and China. When faced with the Trump regime’s caustic approach to trade negotiations,

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4 Ways High Earners Should Adjust for New Spousal Tax Laws

In recent months the Canadian government has mused about the potential for changes in the tax code so that Canadian couples can start filing their income tax returns jointly once the budget is balanced. Most people outside the financial planning

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Buffett and Gates on Success

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