Efficertain is excited for a fresh, new alliance with Brintab Corp. We at Efficertain look forward to many years of collaboration ahead with Brintab Corp.

Efficertain Integrated solutions that fit
Ever wondered, “Why do I have to be the quarterback for my financial decision-making?” weighing the impact of all the different aspects and trying to make a decision that considers everything. If you find yourself in this frustrating position you are not alone. Many of us discover we are thrust into being the “conductor” of the orchestra managing our affairs when we aren’t even musicians! Having a skilled strategist who weaves the many considerations into a fabric that fits you will take the load off your back. Whether you are starting out in practice, looking at selling your small business, or in retirement and considering estate planning issues, we will help you by creating solutions that fit. Life is too short to spend countless hours outside your “sweet spot.” Let us do that for you!

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