Accounting and Tax Returns

Not only do we file personal tax returns (T1s), file corporate tax returns (T2s) and file trust tax returns (T3s) but there is more, depending on whether you are looking for tax help with your personal, self-employed, or corporate situation. Whether you are preparing for your income taxes, HST, payroll, or need your accounts prepared for partnership and bank lending discussions, we can provide you with accounting and financial strategy that suits your needs. You will discover that we go beyond simply filling out the forms to effectively strategize how best to achieve your goals. We aim to help you open up a world of opportunities.

Within accounting there are many different areas businesses need to concentrate on, depending partially on the development stage of the business. Here are some of the areas we can help with:

  • setting up your accounts properly from the outset to be tax efficient and help you follow the business
  • structuring your business tax efficiently for now and the LONG TERM!
  • income tax returns for corporate, sole proprietorship, partnership, personal
  • HST, GST, provincial sales tax returns
  • payroll deductions, workers compensation payments
  • preparing the accounting statements you need to get bank financing

If these or any other areas of accounting are issues you are trying to tackle right now, phone us for a free initial consultation to see the ways we can help you address your situation.