Professional Practice

Many professionals excel in their practice because they decide not to become a jack-of-all-trades. Does that sound like you? Rising to the top means you need to keep your energy focused on your area of expertise. When you choose Efficertain as your strategic partner, we will provide the support expertise to enable your success. We can work with you right from start-up or acquisition of a practice through to when it’s time to sell and retire. Here are a few of the services we can help with:;

Starting up:
-structuring a business plan to get financing
-incorporating or creating your partnership structure
-setting up your book-keeping systems, and managing them if you like
-getting practice financing
-payroll setup
-HST setup

Buying a practice:
-due diligence on the practice being offered
-financing and risk management strategies
-business plan
-key person risk

Selling your practice:
-creating a buyers information kit
-structuring your finances to generate buyer appeal
-strategizing to minimize your tax liability
-preparing materials to facilitate buyer financing
-arranging financing

Inter-generational transfer:
-strategize on minimizing tax liabilities
-managing business risks
-managing key person risks, including marital and family disputes
-estate planning