Small Business

Where are you going from here? What do you need to get there? How do you envision your retirement? The perfect small business strategy involves enough planning to know where you are heading while at the same time maintaining enough flexibility to seize opportunity whenever it pops up. Of course an important consideration is to hand over as little as possible of your profits to the government and keep as much as possible to grow your business or pave the way to a great retirement. What stage is your business at? Are you:

  • about to start up or buy a business
  • just started up, smoothed out initial wrinkles, aiming to grow
  • at the point where the business is regularly spinning off significant cash flow
  • looking at selling or transferring to kids to retire

Each stage requires deciding on many financial issues. We can walk you through the implications of some of those decisions and help come up with a well-crafted plan. Contact us for a free initial consultation to see how we can help you get where you want to go.